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Philrays suppliers its products into all medical channels from Podiatry and Physiotherapy to Clinics and sports centers. We work closely with Medical Practitioners across the region and from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and U.A.E and would be glad to share our contacts with individuals who are looking for treatment for their feet problems.
There are several practitioners from Podiatry and Physiotherapy who have been treating their patients with our products or with more custom orthotics, as well as doing gait analysis to determine more complex conditions.

If you are based in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and would like to understand which clinic or Physiotherapy center you could visit to get a gait analysis and foot evaluation done, please give us a call and we can direct you to the nearest practice depending on your condition.

Another option would be calling our team or visiting our feetlab location detail available on
The average person walks 7000 steps a day.

How are your feet today?